2017 Futurity $50.00 band results

The 73rd annual FVC youngbird Futurity will be flown on Saturday, November 4TH from Woodland, California, 345 miles to my loft.

There will be a 50/50 split with the handler and Out Of Area (OOA) breeder.

The first 3 out of area birds will be: 500 for 1ST 300 for 2ND and 200 for 3RD. 100% goes to the out of area breeder.


1st Saul Landa

2nd Thai Tommy

3rd Thai Tommy

4th Hector & Adam

5th El Mexicano

6th Loizzi & Sikora

7th Loizzi & Sikora

8th El Mexicano

9th Thai Tommy

10th C&J Macbeth

11th Loizzi & Sikora

12th C&J Macbeth

13th Loizzi & Sikora

14th El Mexicano

15th Thai Tommy

16th Thai Tommy

17th We-Be-Two

18th Saul Landa

19th Thai Tommy

20th Saul Landa

21st Liozzi & Sikora

22nd We-Be-Two

23rd Alex Padilla

24th El Mexicano

25th Thai Tommy

26th C&J Macbeth

27th Leks Loft

28th Leks Loft

29th Saul Landa

30th R&R Loft

31st C&J Macbeth

32nd El Mexicano

33rd Loizzi & Sikora

34th El Mexicano

35th Loizzi & Sikora