7 From Heaven

As a pigeon flyer for over 30 years I have never had a drop like this. Not just the number of birds but HOW they arrived.

This was a 300 mile race, over 6 hours on the wing and 95 degree heat at the loft. Normally you would like to get one bird out front and the rest shortly after.

As usual I face towards the northwest on race day, that’s the direction the birds usually come from. At 1:45 I hear a noise, (I don’t see anything yet, I hear this noise first) imagine the sound that 10 birds would make while being released from a crate on a training toss. A second or two later 10 birds arrive from nowhere! I will be the first to agree that Nowhere sounds a little hard to believe but here I am facing towards the northwest where I have 180 degree vision from south to north. They didn’t float in, one didn’t keep some of the others in the air because he didn’t want to land, 10 birds drop like a rock, they are on the ground, the landing board, stuck to the wire on the aviary. I didn’t even have time to grab a dropper before they started walking across the antenna. 22 seconds later all 7 of the birds were clocked (3 were strays).

I am using the biblical definition for the examples below because the WAY the 7 birds arrived was so miraculous! It was as if they just appeared, they didn’t arrive and circle, and they didn’t come in high. I heard a sound and after that I was like a magic act.

The biblical definition of 7 is completeness or perfection, the number 7 is used throughout.

  • 7 churches
  • 7 spirits
  • 7 stars
  • 7 seals
  • 7 trumpets
  • 7 vials
  • 7 personages
  • 7 dooms
  • 7 new things
  • 7 is used over 735 times in the Bible

Life operates in a cycle of 7; change takes place in the body every 7 years. There are 7 bones in the neck, face, ankle and 7 holes in the head.

7 is the PURE number because it was complete on the 7th day.

I am patiently waiting for the next more COMPLETE race but for now I am still shaking my head.